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Our Story

Collage of our business' journey through the years - includes photos of emu on the farm, our first website, and early market photos.Thank you for taking some time to learn more about us! Pure Choice Emu Plus is a family owned and operated skin care company that has been providing emu oil based products to people with a variety of skin conditions since 2000. As a bit of background, our family took the leap into emu farming way back in 1997. It is hard to believe that more than two decades have passed since we purchased our first emu birds and incubators for the chicks! We initially thought this would be an interesting way to diversify our existing beef farm operation and to provide a healthy, red meat alternative to beef but after a few years of moderate success marketing and selling the meat (lots of cooking demos and tests on family), we began to notice growing interest in the unique healing benefits of the emu oil. From this point, I read all I could on the beneficial and therapeutic properties of the emu oil.

It was from this initial research that we decided to move forward with developing a topical skin cream. We also happened to have a family member with eczema who was happy to help us with product testing! He had tried many prescribed treatments that were not clearing eczema on his hands and was more than willing to try a natural alternative. So, with few resources available at the time, we began our skin care product journey. Following many revisions to the recipe, we finally produced an excellent skin cream that is highly penetrating and has a stable shelf life. Our cream is light in texture, non-greasy and the omega-9 fatty acids deeply penetrate the skin producing great healing results. Since then we have expanded our line to include soap, lip balm, body butter as well as 100% emu oil. Inspired by the excellent results witnessed by my son-in-law and feedback from other close friends and family members who had various skin conditions and ailments, we finally had the confidence and validation we needed to take our products to market!

Our first market exposure was gained from a craft and artisans event we attended at the Digby Pines Hotel and Resort back in 2001. My daughter and I packed the car with a few dozen jars of Pure Choice Emu Plus cream, eggs, lip balm and soap and off we went on our new adventure! We were both nervous and excited at the same time but after a few hours into the show our nerves started to settle when people were not only buying but were also excited about the product!

With our first craft show under our belts, we had the confidence and encouragement to book at major craft shows in Halifax along with shows in many of the local towns and small villages. By attending these shows I was face to face with our customers and in this way, I could educate them on all the wonders that emu oil has to offer. We always took a large emu egg which is naturally a beautiful green color and this would always attract people to our booth. They would receive a dab of emu cream and an explanation about ALL the benefits of emu oil. Over the years, I have become affectionately known as the Emu Lady and that's fine with me.

All the best,